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Welcome to 104 Bridge Street, a blog about history, family, roots, memory, and human stories. This blog is named for the address of the house my great-great-grandfather, Alfred Robinson, was born in. He was born in Little Bolton, Lancashire, England in 1852 and emigrated to Canada in 1874, publishing newspapers in Tiverton and Ayr, Ontario before being appointed head of Lever Brothers’ (Sunlight Soap) new North American operations in Toronto. He is pictured in the banner photo, centre left.

In this blog I hope to tell stories that, although inspired by people and events in my own family history, will be of general interest to anyone. Stories of pioneering families, wars, the immigrant experience, death and tragedy, hope and love. There will be room in this blog, too, for the stories of people and families other than my own: stories of the roots that anchor us firmly in the ground, and from which we grow towards the sky.

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